Our Mission

We believe that by empowering people with resources, training, and opportunities, we can build a people-powered communities throughout the country.

Our Vision

Creating a people-powered community by aligning the interests of community, business, and government.

"There are good people at The Lab Orlando and I am elated to be in partnering with them."
Dr. Florence Alexander
CEO, Ebon Research Systems, LLC, the Orlando International Film Festival Lions Club

Our Resources

  • Scholarship to the Entrepreneurial Academy
  • Scholarships to TheInsuranceSchool.com
  • Free Community Resource Events
  • Professional Development Resources
  • Information on State/Government Assistance Programs
  • Access creative arts studios
  • Mentorship & Tutoring for the youth
  • Join a community of driven entrepreneurs & events.

    Upcoming Events

    14 May

    Come network, grow, build, and create with local entrepreneurs every Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at The Lab Orlando!

    05 May

    Part Time To Full Time Job Opportunities

    Launch A New Career With Strategic Lab Partners

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    Licensing Scholarships


    6-Figure Residual Income 3 to 5 Years

    Choose the best options to fastrak your hustle

    Conference Rooms

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    Media/Podcast Rooms

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    Come build, grow, and expand your business at The Lab Orlando

    Have an idea for a business but don’t know where to start? Here’s a little secret, you’re not alone. The Lab Orlando is your hub for building your business. We help you go from rookie entrepreneur to job creator. How? We take your ideas and put them into actionable goals. We educate you on how to structure your business and get you access to high-level resources.


    With access to cutting-edge technology and high-level resources, our experts can assess, shed, and guide your business in the right direction. What does that mean? We look at where you are, strip away what’s not good for your business, and get you on the right track to meet your goals.

    We believe in the saying Stronger Together, which is why collaboration is a key element of our mission. When two entrepreneurs or individuals collaboratively work together, both can achieve. Truthfully, some people just want to serve and have great ideas on how to better the community. Those ideas can have a home at The Lab Orlando.


    Fully equipped spaces for your business needs